Nursery & Pre-School Portrait Program

Sarah Offley Photography gives you the chance to choose a photography program that works best for you, your staff & your families. Explore our different programs to learn more

How it works


We will call you to discuss Picture Day details.

4 weeks before picture day: We will send you materials to help run your picture day including posters, stickers etc.

3 weeks before picture day: Send through class registers for the day.

1 weeks before picture day: Send parent letters home.

1 day before picture day: Apply “picture day is tomorrow” stickers to children’s diary books.

On Picture day

Our experienced photographer will work with you to ensure a successful picture day.

Please review any special situations or needs of children with your photographer.

Give the photographer the returned parent notices for each child to be photographed.

after picture day

Proof cards will arrive at the nursery together with poster notifications for parents within 10 days.

Immediately: Hang posters

10 days later: This will be the cut off point for parents to place their orders and get free delivery to the nursery. 

Which Program is Right for you?

Simple & convenient, we will provide you with the code cards to hand out and then leave everything else to us!

All parents will receive a printed proof card with a code to enter onto our secure site where they will be able see a wide variety of image of their child(ren).  All packages including special offer packages only available for online ordering, parents will be able to choose from colour, black & white or sepia options at no extra cost.  

Payment is taken directly online with our secure online payment system.

Delivery of orders will be sent back to the nursery at no extra cost.  Parents will also be able to choose to have their orders delivered directly to their homes for a small fee.

Parents will receive a paper proof of up to 4 different images of their child.  The proof form will also have an order form attached whereby parents complete with their chosen packages and insert payment into the envelope and return to the nursery by the cut off date.  Orders will then be delivered back to the nursery 2 weeks after the cut off date. 


Easy Ordering

We offer the options of traditional paper ordering or web & mobile secure ordering.

Secure Payment

Online orders payments are taken through our secure merchant gateway for peace of mind.

Fast Turnaround

Our in-house dedicated team will provide you with your proofs within 7 days and orders within 14 days.

Customer Service

We provide you and your parents with exceptional customer service through email, live chat & phone support.


We offer a generous commission to all of our nurseries which helps pay for those extra treats for the children.

Free Staff Photos

Get your free staff photographs taken at your session for your staff notice board and to promote your business.

Fun Nursery Portraits

Natural smiles and a great choice for parents together with a smooth-running process for you. Choose your preferred style, from indoor, outdoor or themed - we've something for everyone!

Pre-School Events

From sports days to Christmas plays, we can add an extra fun element to your events, giving you the opportunity to generate much needed funds for your pre-school.

Groups & Teams

We offer small and large group photographs either indoors or outdoors. Our group photos can be formal or relaxed and informal. Ideal for leavers and teams .

Graduation Photos

Our graduation sessions are very popular and include a group shot and also individual images with cap and gown, we use different backgrounds to add a fun element to the photographs.

Marketing & Promotional

Our range of marketing & promotional services from website photography, staff photography and display boards will help you market your nursery to potential clients successfully.


We have lots of ideas for great ways for you to raise much needed money for your Pre-school or nursery including family photography days & Easter bunny days, contact us for more info.